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Anyone can come up with slick marketing material. 
But the proof of whether something works is in how it performs over time.

Here is what some of our clients have said about Saddles That Fit! services:

Crossing the 2013 Tevis 100 mile Endurance Ride finish line!

"I wanted to tell you that Kalika and I made it!

This was our first attempt at Tevis and we had an amazing day and night. And most importantly we got an "A" for back and withers on our final vet check.

Thanks for being a great saddle fitter and getting us to this point. It truly takes a village!

Ines & Kalika (7/2013) Navigating Cougar Rock during Tevis


Hi Susan - Thank you so much for the help tonight. Fannie did so good! After we warned up we did a little mini trail ride and rode in the big arena. She was so relaxed and happy in her new was I. What a difference, thank you. Jules (6/2013)


Just wanted to let you know I got proof from Victor today that the special shimming and pad you set us up with is fantastic. Wish you had been there to see what a different horse he was...working totally relaxed and through his back. Thanks. It was well worth the time and money.
Mikki & Victor, 2/2012

"I was SHOCKED at the difference some saddle adjustments made for a horse that while it wasn’t a perfect fit, wasn’t terrible either. ... And yet…..with a few tweaks to adjust fit I immediately go from “OK” arena work to “fabulous-I-can’t-believe-this-is-happening” arena work!

All this for less than the price of any vet bill I’ve ever had."

Visit Melinda's blogspot for her indepth description of getting her Arabian Solstice Endurance saddle fit-checked and adjusted.

Melinda also blogs about her experience riding in and preparing for the 2011 Tevis 100 mile Endurance Ride!

Melinda & Farley checking how the new flocking adjustments feel. (6/2010)


We love our new Allegany Wade. We did great in our 4-day clinic with it. We were both more comfortable than ever before. 5/2009

Tina & Aladin



The new Crates saddle has worked out really well. Dreamer and I went horsecamping last weekend with friends and we covered hill and dale with no side slippage whatsoever. Thanks for all of your help, both with saddle-fitting and riding. I will recommend you to everyone!

Lauren J (10-2008)

Just to let you know, the new Crest Ridge Sentry saddle is a big succes with me, my horse, and my instructor. It is like I am riding a new horse. An amazing difference. I am relatively sure you are going to hear from a couple folks in the Willits, CA area requesting your help. Thank you for the great lesson.

Don (6-2008)

Your saddle fitting job got a major test yesterday. Went with a couple people on what was supposed to be a 6 mile trail ride. One of the people was riding with a treeless saddle, she slipped, fell off, and lost her horse. The end result was that Hazel and I went about 12 miles (she was unusually well behaved most of the way) and the third horseman about 20.

Hazel's back had no signs of soreness afterwards. But the horse that had gone 20 miles had quite a sore back. I said it was shame he hadn't come to your saddle fitting.
The other horse was found and will be ok. Thanks for making Hazel's day tolerable for her!
Betsy (4/2008)

I am really enjoying the saddle. I rode with it Sunday and today. Trixie is acting a lot happier (she's not kicking out or swishing her tail anymore). I can't believe the difference. It also feels so good to me (I can sit properly now!) (1/2007)

(One year later, we are still doing really well, happily going down the trail!) 3/2008


Wow, time sure goes by when you are having fun! It has been a year and a half since you saw us. The saddle that you recommended for Rocky works very well. We both love it, and there is no more sore back. Jon



I have been riding and buying saddles for many years. Now that I have been able to ride multiple saddle brands on my horse all in the same day, I would not do it any other way.

All of the brands we tried fit better than I expected, but I could clearly feel Calle Lilly go so much better in the Frank Baines. Katie



Dear Susan and David,
I just wanted to send you a special thank you for all you did for Tiny, Marcelyn and myself last Sunday. It is amazing how empowering the whole experience was. I feel so much more confidant knowing what Tequila and I need. You were both so patient and kind and made the whole learning process enjoyable and fun! You truly changed my life with this knowledge. Thank you both for "being". My husband Hawkeye is VERY impressed and that’s not any easy thing to do!
Your new #1 fan, Jen

Thanks so much for helping us both be more comfortable! June & Heritacz






I was heartened that you helped me confirm that my made-to-order JJ Maxwell saddle does fit Keen and my mare. We learned so much!

The Black Rhino saddle you had helps me sit even better and Keen is even more responsive in it. He never wanted to canter in anything before putting this on. So I am going to keep it! Now we can ride both horses on long trail rides with confidence that nothing is hurting.

Marilyn & Keen, Tri-Valley Trailblazers

Tango is like a whole new horse since I got my new Crates saddle. Even my husband can't believe the change. Thank you so much for helping us get it right! Laura

"I rode Segoula in my saddle yesterday at the clinic and we did really well.  YEAH!!!  I feel so much more confident with a saddle that fits. Now we ride a lot more often and are making better progress. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH."
 Bobbie & Segoula
Aniko & Sammy
I enjoyed our appointment thoroughly.... I really hope to catch you both again when you're nearby to do it again. so keep me posted on your visits this way.




We all learned so much at the clinic!  I am feeling so much better.  This is a turning point with my horse.  We really appreciate all that the two of you taught us.

Caroline (2/2005)


Just a quick note to let you know everything seems to fit perfect!!!   I went to Don's on Sunday with Fancy to work buffalo.  She worked up a good sweat.  Not overly sweaty, just perfect.  I did not have one dry spot.  YES!!!! I am so excited. We had a GREAT time!!!   Thanks again for all your help...................Sabra           
Sabra with Matt




I just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying my Albion! Thanks for helping me find it and making it fit Patches so well.  (11/2004)

Many thanks again for my second Albion to fit my new mare Ruby. (7/2006)




Thanks so much for all your input re: saddles and helping me focus in on a size/tree etc. for my horse.  I even think my husband learned something about saddles and the value of getting one that fits right (thanks!!).               Barbara

I wanted to thank you for all your help.  Everyone at the clinic had to write down their top 10 favorite things about the 3-week clinic, and your saddle fitting day was on every student's list!  Thanks ever so much. Hope to see you soon. (9/2005)

Deb & Cisco


Hi susan!   Melody is doing wonderfully in her new Specialized saddle.  I'm very happy with how light it
is.  She has been such a hard horse to fit, being so sensitive and changing so much. Thanks for sticking with us to get it right and helping to make it a good experience.       

Just wanted to thank you again for spending so much time with Dave and me explaining about saddles. You, especially, went out of your way and it was so appreciated.  I think Dave has taken your advice and decided to stick with his English.  If and when we decide to saddle hunt again, we'll contact you.
Happy trails! (3/2004)
Kathy and Dave

 Joy & Jefe   Tom & Big Girl

These are our first horses and we have lots to learn. But with your help, we now have saddles that aren't getting in the way of that. I am so happy that we could shim my Tucker to fit. And both Tom and Big Girl LOVE their new County saddle. She is like a new horse! (2003)

Thanks for yesterday's fitting session with Kona.  I learned a lot from you and very much appreciate all the time you spent with us.





Thanks for spending the day with us last Sunday. It was great to spend a day studying saddles and the way they should fit. A very good investment of time and money...
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