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Can you interpret what this horse is saying? And what the rider is experiencing?
Does your horse ‘Misbehave?’
Can’t reach the Next Level of Performance?
Is your horse Tight and Jumpy?

You might want to
Check Your Saddle FIT!

Your Horse Will Tell You if it has Issues. It is up to you to understand what your horse is saying!



Here are Signs that YOUR HORSE may be Hurting because of Your Saddle*    ... If your Horse:

    - lays his ears back or bites at your saddle
is 'girthy' or walks off when you try to girth up or mount
    - bucks or runs away for no reason
    - tries to hurry downhill
    - doesn't want to move, is heavy on the forehand, or stumbles during rides
    - travels hollow-backed, can’t slow down or relax under saddle
    - behavior worsens the longer you ride
    - has white spots on his back under the saddle
    - reacts negatively to palpation of his back

Many people don’t think anything more about a saddle than how comfortable and what the seat size is.  But other parts of how your saddle fits can can have a major affect on your riding. It is hard to ride well if your horse and you are fighting your saddle the entire time.

YOU May Have Saddle Fit Issues ... If you:

    - feel insecure in your saddle - even in a Western
    - feel out of balance or off center
    - experience knee pain when you ride
    - have a hard time keeping your head, hips & shoulders aligned


A properly fitting saddle will:

Help you ride SAFER
Help your horse RELAX
Help your horse stay HEALTHIER


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* While bad saddle fit often causes a variety of behavioral and physical problems in horses, it is not the only cause of such problems.   Owners should also work with their Vet, Farrier and Equine Dentist to rule out the possibility of health, feet and dental issues.

*At the same time as you are checking out your horse, consider looking at YOU too. Your assymetries and riding abilities can have the greatest impact on your horse. If you are not balanced and stable on your horse, even a good fitting saddle can cause problems.

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