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Good photos can help fit your horse:

You can help us be better prepared to find a good fit for your horse by providing photos of your horse and you.

Here is what will help us most: 

A few simple shots can go a long way towards figuring out what type of trees will work better for your horse. Here are the shots that will get the process off to a good start. The FIRST TWO SHOTS are the MOST IMPORTANT:

1.) A straight-on side shot of both sides while standing square.   2.) A straight shot from above & behind to see the withers, shoulders and full back.
Your horse must be standing square in all shots. Get help to hold your horse and keep them square & straight while getting photos. And, get yourself in a photo so we can see your physical requirements.
3.) Quarter shots from the side and behind on each side also help.   4.) Quarter shots from the side and front are good too.

Some other information you should have ready:

    - what is your horse's name, age, breed?
what saddles have you tried that didn't work or did work?
    - what stage/level of training or work is your horse in?
    - what type of riding do you do, how often, duration of rides?
what symptoms are you having with your current saddle; physical? behavioral?

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