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Do you have the SYMPTOMS?

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Why are there so many Saddle Fit Problems?

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My horse doesn't complain, but we can't progress...

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Learn how to tell what fits for yourself!

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Saddles That Fit! Services

Hands-on Fit Consultation & Learning Opportunities

Saddle Fitting

$295 - per horse & rider; $200 each additional horse (same rider) at your location; $75 per auditor (Auditing includes lots of hands-on participation - just without your horse.)

$160-$450 - English Saddle Evaluation & Adjustments or Total Wool Flocking Replacement. (These services include a riding evaluation before and after all adjustments.)


If you just need a second opinion on your current saddle, or one you have on trial, this is a good option:

$100/hour - independent saddle evaluation (fit, condition & balance)
(Travel for any service(s) will incur an additional fee.)

Mobile Saddle Fit Service Includes:

- personal saddle fit education as it applies to your horse
- static and moving evaluation of Your current (up to two)  Western/English/Other saddles (fit, condition & balance)

- fitting you and your horse for a Western / Endurance: Allegany, Crest Ridge, Sky Horse, Specialized, TW and several single or used models from Big Horn, South Bend and About the Horse

or an English Dressage or Trail: Frank Baines, Toulouse, Thorowgood, Kent & Masters, Lovatt & Ricketts, Bates and Wintec; and various used Albion, Black Country, Borne, Corcoran, Custom, Dresch, Duett, Ideal, Lauriche or other quality balanced saddles

- on site trial & comparison of multiple saddles in stock
- balanced seat coaching with a saddle that fits

Saddle Fitting Clinics         

1 & 2-Day Clinics can be held at your location or ours and taylored to meet your needs.  Call for quote

- includes an interactive educational seminar followed by hands-on saddle fitting practice for all participants

- can include riding work on developing a secure balanced seat to help riders get the most from a properly fiting saddle



Click here to view our currently Scheduled Clinics

Click here to schedule your own Clinic or appointment!

We maintain a list of clients waiting for clinics in areas around CA, NV, OR & WA. Contact us to be added to the list, or sponsor a clinic in your area!

Other Services

Saddle Fit Back Tracing                         $125

Saddle Flocking Adjustments            $160

Full Flocking Replacement                  $450

Saddle Consignment                                30% of sale price

Full Saddle Cleaning & Oiling            $90 - English; $190 - Western

Saddle Refurbishing & Repairs         Call for quote

English Billet Replacement                $180 (four billets); $270 (six billets)


Saddle Sales  




Select Western & English Saddles

As a service to our saddle fit clients, we have quality used consignment saddles and new demo saddles; ones that we find fit more horses more of the time.   (We have found ten reasonably priced Western, Endurance and English saddle makers that horses tell us fit better than most.)  We always have demo saddles in various tree sizes from each of the saddle makers we like.   If we don't have a saddle in our trailer that works for you and your horse, we will fit you for a new one and help you order it directly from the maker.  We are NOT saddle reps.  We are independent. In order to offer our fit guarantee, we need to fit it to both you and your horse, as well as show you what to look and feel for.  Therefore, we do not market saddles to non-clients.

We stock quality new & used saddles built to help you & your horse ride better!
We fit you and your horse to make sure you BOTH get a saddle that fits. And, we want you to Try Before you Buy.

The Saddles That Fit Guarantee:
We extend a 7-day "Really Ride It" trial period to make sure your saddle fits,
and we guarantee a solid tree on every saddle we fit.

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