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Individual Saddle Fitting


Thanks for spending the day with us last Sunday.   It was great to spend a day studying saddles and the way they should fit.   A very good investment of time and money!

         A Private Saddle Fitting will teach you:
  - Key areas to check your saddle for fit on your horse*
  - How to check your horse’s back for problems* 
  - What good fit feels like
  - What bad fit feels like*
  - Why the correct fit matters*
  - Why how you ride affects the horse and saddle
  - How your saddle affects how you ride & how your horse moves*
  - Ride in any of our 30+ used/new saddles and compare how they feel to both you and your horse
  - And, get coached on how to ride with a balanced, secure seat*  


A thorough individual saddle fitting takes 3-4 hours

When done, you will know which saddle(s) best fit your horse and your needs.  If we don't have a used one that works, we will help you order direct from the saddle maker (we are not saddle reps.) or we will look for a used one for you.   We make sure you get a saddle that fits!
         What does a Saddle Fitting look like?  

During a saddle fitting, Susan and David take turns explaining the elements of saddle fit to owners.  Then they put saddles on to walk the client through seeing and feeling what fits.  After that, the owner rides in different saddles to see which works best. 

Right: Susan checks the fit of a saddle on Bjola, an Icelandic horse, while her rider is aboard.  Sometimes saddles that should fit don't feel as good when riding, so it is important to check fit with the rider on top.  Then we watch the horse and rider move to see what the horse says about each saddle.


Left: David helps adjust a new saddle cinch to fit this young Halflinger gelding. The saddle fit both horse and rider like a glove, so (middle) David gets it all ready to stay with Monte and Cheryl.

Above: June and Heritacz both relax and enjoy a good scratch after a ride in their newly fitted saddle.




Left: David helps a client tack up her Andulasian mare with a saddle she is going to try. 

Right: Susan triple checks fit after Toni rides for awhile in a saddle that both horse and rider like.

Below: Watching Bjola perform in this saddle tells us she is not as happy with this saddle as she is in another.


Here is a good example of why the rider has to ride in the saddle to choose the right fit: Nemo and his owner Marcia (left) both felt and moved the very best in this saddle. But Nemo was not as happy in it when her part time rider got on (below). That rider hated the feel of the saddle, and the horse reflected her discomfort by not moving as well in it. Then when Nemo's trainer got on (and loved the feel) he went back to moving more fluidly than ever before.

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