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2018 Clinic Schedule

Advance your understanding of correct saddle fit and how it will improve your riding.  We add more schedule dates as they are set. However, we don't usually post our semi private fittings.  So please check with us to see if we might be near you soon. Below are some areas where we plan to be this year.  Please let us know if you may be interested in participating while we are in your area or if you want us to come to your area: Visalia - Santa Cruz - Sacramento - Jackson - Sonora - Livermore - Walnut Creek - Reno - Davis - Fresno - San Luis Obispo - NV - WA - OR

Scheduled Clinics


October 2-5 Centered Riding Clinic

Fresno, CA

Nov. 3

We will be presenting a Free Educational Saddle Fit Demonstration for (CDS) California Dressage Society, Fresno members. Members can learn more by watching a full fitting directly after the discussion.

We will be available for follow up fittings or flocking adjustments on Nov. 4 and 5. Call to pre-schedule. We usually fill up quickly.

(209) 245-3789

or e-mail us

October 2-5 Centered Riding Clinic

Northern CA & Oregon


Call to get on our schedule!

Saddle Fit Discussion & Individual Saddle Fittings 

We often present Free Sadle Fit Demonstrations/Discussions for various riding organizations in CA, WA, OR & NV. We very frequently do semi-private fit demonstrations which we do not post. Please let us know if you are interested when we may be in your area.

When we do, we will also be available for English, Endurance & Western fit checks, saddle adjustments, English flocking, and full saddle fittings in the noted areas. (See the saddles we recommend on our Links page.)

Please let us know in advance if you are interested in any of our services while we are in your area!

(209) 245-3789

or e-mail us



Results from some of our previous Fit Presentations:  




Davis, CA


UC Davis Horse Day - Improve your understanding of fit and how it affects your riding. This was an interactive presentation for all interested riders and horse lovers. It was part of a full day of educational horse topics including leg dissection, farriery, nutrition, conformation, training & reproduction.

A third more people than expected attended the event held at the UCD Horse Barns. We had standing room only audiences and lots of good questions! Here are some pics:

Horse Day was a Grand Success!




Sacramento CA

Saddle Fit for Mounted Officers Understanding fit and how it affects the Job.



This interactive presentation for Mounted Police Officers paid special attention to what happens when you ride or stand for long periods, and how to make the job easier for both officer and horse. Officers advanced their knowledge & skills with hands-on examples and lots of Q & A time.

Private Presentation for California Mounted Officers Association

Individual Saddle Fit Consultations

We can come to your horse(s) and barn at your convenience and work with you individually to address your specific situation.  Click here for details. Additional horses with the same rider receive a discount fitting price.

 $295/horse or $90/hour, plus travel*

Schedule Your Own Saddle Fit Clinic

Sponsor a Saddle Fit Clinic at your barnand you can participate for free - or earn a profit! 

We provide clinic advertising flyers & promotional materials.   You invite your riding buddies, clients and friends.   Everyone has a great day and You get the Kudos! 

We can also arrange a Saddle Fit Clinic day at your ranch or barn that you sponsor, but we coordinate.  The cost is reduced for each participant, and you don't have to worry about a financial obligation.

 Call for details


If you would like to be notified of an upcoming clinic in your area, click here and tell us your name, area and phone number (not manditory). 

When we get enough interested riders in one area we will we schedule a clinic at a local barn, and let you know about it!


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