Gracie:   She Graced us with her presence for a short time, to remind us not to mistake the details of life...          for life itself.          

She lived and loved every minute of hers. 

She never stopped trying.

Gracie grows big and healthy.  Here she is at 6 weeks.  Her contracted tendons are all better. She runs and kicks and plays with abandon when she gets to go out.



Hope & Gracie, 6-days old - after 5 days in the hospital.


   Sweet, Smart and Curious from day one.

Mom, Hope, recovers from leg injuries so both stay in the barn.

Gracie learned to be haltered, tied and give to pressure very early.  Her strong personality was balanced by quick intelligence.  She was an old soul.

Gracie's First Pasture!

Gracie enjoyed Perfect Moments.  (They were all perfect to her.)

Here she is at 9 weeks totally celebrating the freedom of the back yard.


Gracie, being a determined filly who didn't like to take no for an answer, stuck her neck through a gate and cracked one vertibrae and compressed two others.  She tried very hard to ignore it, but it wasn't meant to be. 

Gracie   -    May 2005 - July 2005

Dam - Glowing Hope

Sire - Master Catalyst