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Susan & David Hartje

Plymouth, CA






Helping people Understand saddle fit 
not just selling saddles!

Anybody who owns horses knows…
...Your saddle can make or break the performance of you and your horse. And, finding the right saddle is not as simple as many salespeople would like you to think. Every horse is different. With so many choices, it is hard to know what saddle is best.

There are very few true saddle fit experts in the equine industry today. Remember, everyone selling saddles is affiliated with a specific line(s) of saddles, and therefore has the conflicting priority of selling saddles versus fitting the needs of horse and rider.
Others who should know – trainers, breeders, even show ring champions – are often just repeating what they were told when they learned to ride.  But they don't really understand why.   If a saddle fit "expert” can’t or won’t EXPLAIN and SHOW YOU what they consider fit, then they don’t really know if it fits.
More often, people understand one or two points of fit, but may miss the rest of a 10-part equation. Let's face it; most people are doing their best with what they know. And, there are very few places to go to learn.

Saddles That Fit! is different.  How?
1) We are unaffiliated with any saddle maker; and
2) Our goal is to educate our clients, and help them find a saddle that works for them.

Owners Susan and David Hartje have dedicated their livelihood to identifying the essential Elements of Saddle Fit and to sharing that information with you – the owner:

We spent years wrestling with the same problems that every horse owner has sooner or later... figuring out what constitutes good saddle fit, and what works for the horse and rider.

"While apprenticed with my horse trainer, I found that most behavior and performance problems are greatly influenced by improperly fit saddles and other equipment. From that time on, I have been on an insatiable quest to resolve this unnecessary situation.
Every owner I can help means one more horse that can have a less stressful and more successful partnership and life."

We’ve worked with industry experts, and studied equine bio-mechanics and history to re-discover the equine knowledge that everyone had before cars; when everyone depended on their horses for their livelihood.
It isn't simple, but it isn't rocket science either.  We believe that with a little guidance and practice everyone can – and should – learn the basics of the 'scientific-art' of saddle fit.  
That's why we founded Saddles That Fit!

Saddles That Fit! offers
Individual & Clinic Saddle Fit Education and Consultations
to help you learn to evaluate all parts of the saddle fit equation:

saddle-human, and
horse-saddle-human interaction




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